Platform strategy for high-bay warehouses - Twin warehouses in South Africa and the USA

“Never change a winning team” - the old football proverb has many followers in the automotive sector. Long-term, intensive partnerships between suppliers and manufacturers are the rule rather than the exception. The same applies to the relationship between companies and their logistics service providers. An excellent example is the partnership between the exhaust technology specialist Boysen Group, and the materials handling and logistics specialist Kardex Mlog. Their latest project is the construction of two identical new plants in the USA and South Africa.

The Boysen group of companies specialises in innovative exhaust technology and is a system partner of major automotive manufacturers. Manifolds, catalytic converters, particle filters or mufflers - Boysen parts can be found in many cars and the company also sets standards in production logistics: In general, supplier companies are closely integrated into the manufacturing processes. This is especially the case with just-in-sequence production where the components are delivered not only at the right time but also in the right order.

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