Three-aisle storage for generic drugs: doubling production - New high-bay warehouse for TEVA Pharmaceuticals

Neuenstadt/Debrecen – The low-cost pharmaceutical drug market is booming. Each year there is an increasing demand for generic drugs, which are cheaper than brand-name drugs but have the same effect.

To satisfy this growing demand, TEVA Pharmaceuticals, the Israeli global market leader for generic drugs, invested in the pharmaceutical drug segment of its Hungarian plant, and Kardex Mlog built a new 3-aisle high-bay warehouse and complete conveyor system there to handle the additional production capacity. Based in the Hungarian town of Debrecen, the plant is doubling its annual manufacturing capacity of approx. 14 to 15 million tablets and capsules which take the form of almost 800 different products. This means that storage capacity requirements are also increasing, especially considering that the old warehouse was already working to full capacity due to the fact that drug manufacture in Debrecen has increased tenfold over the course of the past ten years.

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